“The perfect example of development impact for local financial institutions”

The fifth annual graduation ceremony for the EBRD’s Trade Finance e-Learning Programme was held on 19th March 2015 in Minsk as part of Worldwide Expert’s first conference on trade finance in the CIS and Belarus. Thirty trade finance specialists from nine countries where the EBRD works were attending the ceremony for the first time.

David Bischof, Policy Manager at the ICC Banking Commission, awarded the certificates of achievement, along with the EBRD’s Rudolf Putz, Head of the TFP.

“The ICC Banking Commission is extremely proud to continue its cooperation with the EBRD on its Trade Finance e-Learning Programme,” he told delegates.

“Our joint programme has an extensive regional reach and allows business professionals to access high quality online training for banking and trade finance. Being involved in this educational initiative that recognises the excellence of trade finance specialists is therefore key for the ICC Banking Commission.”

“We are extremely proud that the EBRD chose our event at which to host the annual e-Learning Programme graduation ceremony,” added Tanya Smirnov, Managing Director, Worldwide Expert Conferences Ltd. “This Programme has become a powerful tool, bringing new, highly qualified specialists into the trade finance business. It is a great honour to be given a chance to support its progress.”

Special guests included Hovsep Voskanyan fromCommerzbank, Zuzana Franz from BHF-Bankand Thomas OetterfromLandesbank Baden-Wuerttemberg (LBBW). There were many amazing prizes, including two two-week,on-the-job internships at Commerzbank in Germany; a one-week, on-the-job training at BHF-Bank in Frankfurt; a one-week, on-the-job training at LBBW in Stuttgart; fully paid attendance to ICC Austria’s Trade Finance Week in June 2015; paid attendance to the ICC Banking Commission Technical Meeting in Paris in November 2015; scholarships for a one-week trade finance training course at the Joint Vienna Institute in May 2015; and iPads provided by Coastline Solutions, the EBRD’s technological partner, BCR Publishing and China System.

Belarusian conference guests expressed enthusiastic appreciation.

“In my opinion the e-Learning Programme provides fantastic support for all documentary specialists,” said Liudmila Arkhipenko, Trade Finance Development, Unit Head, Bank BelVEB, Belarus. “Although I found it quite difficult (especially DC Master and ISP!), and it does takes time, it definitely has a practical use. I’m very grateful for the many opportunities that the TFP opens up.”

Anton Slesarev, Head of International Business, Belarusky Narodny Bank, Belarus, commented: “I never tire of expressing my deepest appreciation and gratitude for the opportunity to participate in the EBRD Trade Finance e-Learning Programme. So thank you once again; the Programme really helps and is the perfect example of development impact for local financial institutions.”

“My colleagues and I would like to thank you and the EBRD team for the excellent organisation and agenda of the Trade Finance conference held last week in Minsk,” Andrei Khatsenka, Financial Institutions, Belgazprombank, Belarus, wrote afterwards.

“The Trade Finance e-Learning Programme graduation ceremony was fascinating. It demonstrated the importance of the technical assistance that the EBRD provides to participating banks to promote foreign trade between the EBRD’s countries of operations,” he added.

So did foreign guests. “I would like to not only thank the TFP team for organising such a wonderful event but also extend my gratitude to the people of Belarus for their lovely hospitality,” as Eleonore Treu, Legal Affairs, ICC Austria, put it. The TFP team, likewise,warmly thanked Francis Delaey, Anastasia Sarokina and Olga Moiseenko of the Minsk RO for their outstanding support.

The EBRD Trade Finance e-Learning Programme is funded by the EBRD Shareholder Special Fund and the EU Neighbourhood Investment Facility.

Launched in May 2010, the e-Learning Programme aims to help TFP partner banks attain best international practice in trade finance through building a firm understanding of industry practices and achievement of academic excellence. It initially began with just four foundation courses but the Programme has grown into a platform of eight modules covering various basic to advanced trade finance topics. As of today, there are 2000 registered students from 40 countries and 187 banks.

Top 25 graduates in 2014

Mr. Radhouane Houria - Banque Tuniso-Koweitienne, Tunisia

Mr. Amr Farid - QNB ALAHLI, Egypt

Ms. Antonija Koceva - Komercijalna Banka Skopje, Republic of Macedonia

Ms. Marina Hadjievska - Komercijalna Banka Skopje, Republic of Macedonia

Ms. Olga Gavrikova - Bank BelVEB, Belarus

Ms. Ani Manukyan - ArmSwissBank, Armenia

Ms. Liudmila Arkhipenko - Bank BelVEB, Belarus

Mr. Essa Mohamed Essa - National Bank of Egypt, Egypt

Ms. Assel Burakhanova - VTB Bank (Kazakhstan), Kazakhstan

Ms. Elena Ceneva - NLB Tutunska Banka, Republic of Macedonia

Ms. Dragana Vulovikj - Stopanska Banka, Republic of Macedonia

Ms. Elena Icevska - NLB Tutunska Banka, Republic of Macedonia

Mr. Andrej Plavinskij - BPS-Sberbank, Belarus

Ms. Angarag Unurbileg - Khan Bank, Mongolia

Ms. Irina Denisova - Asian-Pacific Bank, Russian Federation

Mr. Amr Mohamed Hassan El-Kady - Emirates NBD, Egypt

Ms. Maria Bobyleva, Promsvyazbank - Russian Federation

Ms. Ilona Fachira - Moldindconbank, Moldova

Ms. Alexandra Lezhneva - Bank Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation

Ms. Katerina Tatarova - BPS-Sberbank, Belarus

Ms. Veronika Pashkevich - Belarusky Narodny Bank, Belarus

Mr. Anton Slesarev - Belarusky Narodny Bank, Belarus

Ms. Gabriela Lazar - Banca Transilvania, Romania

Mr. Hafez Mohamed Hafez - Emirates NBD, Egypt

Mr. Vitali Baranov - Promsvyazbank, Russian Federation

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