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European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) partnered with international industry leaders to create an e-learning platform for the member banks of the Trade Facilitation Programme (TFP).

The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)

ICC is the world business organization, a representative body that speaks with authority on behalf of enterprises from all sectors in every part of the world. The fundamental mission of ICC is to promote trade and investment across frontiers and help business corporations meet the challenges and opportunities of globalization.

ICC groups hundreds of thousands of member companies and associations from over 120 countries. National committees work with their members to address the concerns of business in their countries and convey to their governments the business views formulated by ICC.

ICC has three main activities: rules-setting, dispute resolution and policy. Because its member companies and associations are themselves engaged in international business, ICC has unrivalled authority in making rules that govern the conduct of business across borders.

Coastline Solutions

Coastline Solutions is the leading provider of online trade training and information solutions for the global trading community. Coastline Solutions works with the world's leading international trade bodies, organisations and experts to ensure the best quality training and information for the market-place.

Coastline’s portfolio of trade products, produced in partnership with the ICC, includes online libraries in trade finance and arbitration, training in traditional trade products (Letters of Credit, Standbys, Guarantees and Collections) and Incoterms┬« 2010.

Banks, traders, logistics companies, law firms and universities in over 100 countries use Coastline Solutions' online training and information services to meet their trade training requirements.





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