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Frequently Asked Questions

Trade Finance e-Learning Programme

1. What’s the structure of the TFP e-Learning Programme?

The EBRD TFP e-Learning Programme consists of seven mandatory modules and is implemented in two stages, an online study programme and an examination.

Once a request to enrol on the TFP e-Learning Programme has been approved, the candidate will receive his/her online user details directly from the system. Please note, you must activate your registration within three months of receipt of your user details.

2. Access to the programme

Access to the TFP e-Learning Programme is provided for one year (this may vary in some cases). Candidates must successfully complete all assigned modules within that time frame in order to qualify for graduation (receipt of certificates).

Upon completion of the course candidates have to sit an online test which can be attempted up to three times. The highest scored result will be recorded as the final result on the module and the same result will be displayed on the Certificates of Achievement.

Candidates who do not complete all modules or fail any of the e-Learning modules will not qualify for the graduation.

3. How long does it take to complete e-Learning modules?

This depends on various factors, including the technical level of the module, your level of expertise and your study commitment. Some of the modules are highly technical and may take up to 40 or 50 hours of study time to complete.

4. What’s the pass rate and how do I request a certificate?

The pass rate for each e-Learning module is 55%. Failure in any one module will result in failing to complete the course. Only those who successfully pass all assigned seven modules are entitled to receive Certificates of Achievement. You have up to three attempts to sit an exam and test results are displayed at the end of each test session. The best score of three will then be selected for issuance of the Certificate of Achievement.

Once the test has been completed, you will have an option to request a certificate. The system acknowledges receipt of your request and confirms issuance within 6 weeks.

5. How to obtain Certificates of Achievement?

All certificates of achievement are issued at a graduation ceremony organised annually by the EBRD TFP by region. You can request more details about your regional event from your respective EBRD TFP contact person.

Until now our main graduation ceremony has been held in February each year in Moscow, where prizes for the top graduates are announced and awarded. Those who cannot attend the main event will be invited to attend regional graduation ceremonies.

6. Introduction to Trade Finance course

Please note that the “Introduction to Trade Finance” course is designed for non-trade finance specialists. Those who complete the course within one year and pass an online test with a score of 55% or more will receive the Certificate of Achievements.



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