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Mentor 600 is the most comprehensive online training available in letters of credit, UCP 600 and ISBP. It is the only ICC-Approved online training in this area.

Course Contents

Mentor 600 consists of 12 hours of online training in the operation of letters of credit and the application of UCP 600. The course is divided into 4 Modules:

Module 1: DC Essentials

This module provides a firm foundation in the understanding of the function and operation of letters of credit and their risk characteristics compared to other traditional trade products. The areas examined include:

- The process involved in a typical letter of credit (LC) cycle
- Considerations when issuing an LC
- The correct content and delivery of LC amendments
- The correct terms and conditions to include in an LC
- Role and responsibilities of the parties involved
- Types of Payment: sight/deferred/acceptance/negotiation
- Undertaking to honour or negotiate
- Taking up documents or issuance of a notice of refusal

Module 2: Documents

This module examines each of the documents that can be presented under letters of credit and highlights how their data content must comply with the relevant provisions of UCP 600.
The areas/documents examined include:
- Standard for examination of documents as prescribed by UCP 600
- commercial invoice
- bill of lading
- sea waybill
- charter-party bill of lading
- combined transport document
- air waybill
- insurance documents
- courier and post receipts
- road, rail and inland waterway transport documents
- other documents (as per sub-article 14(f))

Module 3: Case studies

This module enables users to put the understanding of the operation of letters of credit and the application of UCP 600 into practice through a series of interactive case studies.
The areas covered include:
- Completion of a letter of credit application
- Beneficiary review of a letter of credit for workability
- Document checking from the perspective of an issuing bank and nominated bank

Module 4: Assessment

The assessment enables the trainee to test their understanding of Letters of Credit and UCP 600.


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